Saziye Bayram

Saziye Bayram, Ph.D.

Associate Professor Science And Math Complex 370
Office: (716) 878-5180

Ph.D., SUNY, University at Buffalo

About Saziye Bayram, associate professor

In June 2005, Saziye Bayram received her Ph.D. in Mathematics from the State University of New York at Buffalo. Bayram’s main research area focuses on the mathematical modeling of renal hemodynamics. In particular, Bayram models the kidney’s principal functional unit, the nephron, and studies the tubuloglomerular feedback system (TGF)—the principal mechanism regulating blood flow in the kidney. She employs delay partial differential equations as the mathematical tools and Hopf bifurcation analysis together with numerical computations to analyze the physiological phenomenon.

In addition, Bayram has partnered in several interdisciplinary endeavors. She has worked on projects involving the modeling of plant ecology, population dynamics, the spread of an infectious disease, and risk management in a banking environment.

Bayram’s recent and secondary major research endeavor is focused in the area of fluid mechanics. She has been studying the evolution of nonlinear waves involving nonlinear partial differential equations.

Bayram has been teaching mathematics at the university level since 1998 and currently teaches classes at both the undergraduate and graduate levels.