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Mathematics Education (7-12), B.S.

About the Program

The B.S. in mathematics with adolescent certification is directed toward a career goal of teaching. This program includes the course requirements leading to a New York State certification to teach mathematics in grades 7–12.

Admissions Requirements

Four years of college preparatory mathematics is recommended.

Program Requirements

Intellectual Foundations Requirements 36–42 cr

Total Required Credit Hours in Mathematics 41 cr


A. Required Courses (35 cr)
MAT 161 Calculus I (4)
MAT 162 Calculus II (4)
MAT 163 Using Technology to Explore Calculus I (1)
MAT 164 Using Technology to Explore Calculus II (1)
MAT 202 Introduction to Linear Algebra
MAT 263 Calculus III
MAT 264 Using Technology to Explore Calculus III (1)
MAT 270 Discrete Mathematics I
MAT 300 Techniques of Proof
MAT 301W Fundamentals of Abstract Algebra
MAT 322W Modern Geometry
MAT 325 Probability and Statistics
MAT 417 Introduction to Real Analysis I

B. Electives (9 cr)
Select three courses from the following:
MAT 302 Abstract Algebra II
MAT 309 Discrete Mathematics II
MAT 315 Differential Equations
MAT 316 Intermediate Differential Equations
MAT 319 Mathematical Biology
MAT 351 Elementary Theory of Numbers
MAT 366 Computer Mathematics II
MAT 370 Applied Networks
MAT 382 Topics in Mathematical Statistics
MAT 383 Applied Statistics
MAT 401 Introduction to Computability
MAT 404 Applications of Linear Algebra
MAT 411 Complex Variables
MAT 418 Introduction to Real Analysis II
MAT 431 Mathematical Logic
MAT 461 Numerical Analysis
MAT 471 Introduction to Topology
MAT 490 Seminar
MAT 495 Project
MAT 499 Independent Study

Total Required Credit Hours in Professional Education (30 cr)
SPF 303 Educational Psychology
SPF 403 Historical and Philosophical Forces Influencing Secondary Education
EDU 416 Teaching Literacy in Middle and Secondary Schools
EDU 417 Adolescent Literacy
EXE 100 Nature and Needs of Individuals with Special Needs*
MED 200 Field Experience: Secondary Education and Related Careers
MED 300 Field Experience: Methods in the Teaching of Secondary School Mathematics
MED 307 Uses of Technology in the Teaching of Mathematics
MED 308W Methods in the Teaching of Secondary School Mathematics
MED 383W Learning and Teaching Problem Solving

Total Required Credit Hours in Student Teaching 12 cr
MED 407 Student Teaching of Mathematics in Junior High/Middle School (6)
MED 408 Student Teaching of Mathematics in Senior High School (6)

Total Required Credit Hours 120 cr



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