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Kelly Delp, Ph.D

Title: "Playing with Surfaces: Spheres, Monkey Pants, and Zippergons"

Abstract: "I will describe a process, inspired by clothing design, of smoothing an octahedron into a round sphere. This process was adapted to build many surfaces out of paper and craft foam. The pattern pieces for the surfaces were designed using a dynamic Mathematica notebook, and cut using a digital cutter. This project was joint with Bill Thurston."


Steve Dunbar, Ph.D

Title: "Olympiad Problems for Fun, Learning and Research with Dynamical Software"

Abstract: " The Mathematical Association of America has continuously sponsored nationwide high-school level math contests since 1952. The sequence of contests now has 5 different contests at increasing levels of mathematical sophistication. Students who succeed at the top level on these contests become the team representing the U.S. at the annual International Mathematical Olympiad.   Problems from Mathematical Olympiads are rich starting places for mathematical investigations.  I'll give a brief overview of the history and role of the American Mathematics Competitions.  Then I'll present some interesting problems from recent Olympiads focusing on combinatorial geometry, illustrating and investigating them with dynamical software."


Keary Howard, Ph.D

Title: "I See Me in You:  Regarding the Self Evident Truths of Teaching and Learning Mathematics"

Abstract: "An interactive discussion of what we believe to be a baker’s dozen of axioms that constitute the art of teaching and learning mathematics.  Plan to reflect on why we thoroughly enjoy the opportunity to teach and learn this beautiful discipline…"

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